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Global Statistics

8,855 Movers have logged 528,527 miles



WellPower 100 Challenge

The flagship challenge of the WellPower Movement is the WellPower 100 Challenge.  The main goal of the WellPower Challenge is to log at least 100 activity miles between Jan. 16 and Feb 27.  Activity miles can be achieved by walking, running, biking and/or converting other physical and mental health activities.  Those who accomplish 100 miles by Feb. 28 earn the WellPower 100 badge and are automatically entered into a drawing for more than 100 top-tier prizes, including bikes, kayaks, active-apparel items and gift cards.  Prizes will also be awarded for earning 50- and 25-mile badges.

NOTE: The WellPower Challenge begins Jan. 16 but registration remains open year-round.

Check the Challenge page for additional Summer and Fall challenges later in the year.

Mental Wellbeing Challenge

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, from May 1 – May 31 Challengers are invited to log miles for various mental wellbeing activities, which have been assigned a mileage value.  For example, 30 minutes of meditation = one mile, or seven hours sleep = one mile.

These activities and others have been added to the Activity Log and are listed at the top, each beginning with “Mental Wellbeing”.  For example, Mental Wellbeing – Gratitude Journal (30 minutes = 1 mile).  To log, simply select the completed activity and enter miles achieved below, same as physical activity miles.

Mental Wellbeing badges are awarded for achieving 25, 50 and 100 mental wellbeing miles. Those who achieve at least 50 mental wellbeing miles will be eligible for a gift card drawing, which includes more than 30 gift cards. Those who achieve 100 mental wellbeing miles will be eligible for the grand prize drawing for a $100 VISA gift card.

Mental Wellbeing Activities and Mileage Values

  • Mental Wellbeing – Healthy Sleep (seven hours = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Meditation (30 min. = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Gratitude Journal (30 min. = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Volunteering (one hour = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Gardening (one hour = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Reading (one hour = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Art (one hour = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Playing with Animals (one hour = one mile)
  • Mental Wellbeing – Group Exercise/Play (one hour = one mile)

The WP100 and Mental Wellbeing Challenge is sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield of Nebraska.