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Global Statistics

8,971 Movers have logged 644,937 miles


Mental Wellbeing Challenge

In observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, from May 1 – May 31 Challengers are invited to log miles for various mental wellbeing activities, which have been assigned a mileage value.  For example, 30 minutes of meditation = one mile, or seven hours sleep = one mile.

These activities and others have been added to the Activity Log each beginning with “Mental Wellbeing”.  For example, Mental Wellbeing – Gratitude Journal (30 minutes = 1 mile).  To log, simply select the completed activity and enter miles achieved below, same as physical activity miles.

Mental Wellbeing badges are awarded for achieving 25, 50 and 100 mental wellbeing miles. Those who achieve at least 50 mental wellbeing miles will be eligible for a gift card drawing, which includes gift cards. Those who achieve 100 mental wellbeing miles will be eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Mental Wellbeing Activities and Mileage Values

Mental Wellbeing – Healthy Sleep (seven hours = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Meditation (30 min. = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Gratitude Journal (30 min. = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Volunteering (one hour = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Gardening (one hour = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Reading (one hour = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Art (one hour = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Playing with Animals (one hour = one mile)
Mental Wellbeing – Group Exercise/Play (one hour = one mile)

The Mental Wellbeing Challenge is sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield of Nebraska and conducted by the Nebraska Sports Council.  Other WellPower Movement Sponsors include CHI Health St. Elizabeth, the Nebraska Medical Association, Nebraska Orthopaedic Center, Black Hills Energy, Aquafina, the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association, Liberty First Credit Union, Scheels--Omaha, Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, Sandhills Global, TELCOR and Unanimous.

Steffany Lien 2022 Miss Nebraska

Level Up Bingo Challenge

You are invited by 2022 Miss Nebraska, Steffany Lien, to ramp up your wellness routine with the Level Up Bingo Challenge, which runs March 13 – April 17.  Like all WellPower Challenges, Level Up Bingo is free, and we are once again awarding weekly and overall random drawing prizes sponsored by Scheels.

How does it work?  A variety of physical and mental health activities have been added with the keyword “Bingo” to the activity drop-down box.  When you achieve and log five Level Up Bingo activities, you earn your Level Up Bingo badge as well as a weekly badge for each week in which you achieve five activities; when you achieve and log 25 Bingo activities, you earn your Level Up Blackout badge.

Those who earn a weekly Bingo badge qualify for the next weekly prize drawing.  Those who earn the Blackout badge qualify for the overall prize drawing.  The Level Up Bingo Challenge is sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield of Nebraska.

Here’s the list of Bingo activities.

Bingo: Nutrition Swap! Get fruit/veggies as your side!
Bingo: 25 pushups
Bingo: Drink 60 oz water for day for a week
Bingo: Set a personal goal for you physical health
Bingo: 25 situps
Bingo: 25 walking lunges
Bingo: 50 squats
Bingo: Get 8 hours of sleep per night for a week
Bingo: Nutrition Swap! Replace your soda/energy drink with water
Bingo: Bike/walk for 30 minutes
Bingo: Wall sit for 2 minutes
Bingo: Walk a Mile
Bingo: Walk a mile with a friend/parent
Bingo: 15 burpees
Bingo: 100 jump rope
Bingo: Take 10 minutes to stretch every day for a week
Bingo: 25 crunches
Bingo: Make a workout playlist
Bingo: Climb 10 flights of stairs
Bingo: 50 Jumping Jacks
Bingo: Plank for 1 minute every day for a week
Bingo: Take one day off of social media

Let Miss Nebraska know you are participating by tagging her @MissAmericaNE and post about your Bingo achievements using #LevelUpBingo, and for all WellPower Movement posts, use #WellPowerUp.

WellPower 100 Challenge

The flagship challenge of the WellPower Movement is the WellPower 100 Challenge.  The main goal of the WellPower Challenge is to log at least 100 activity miles between Jan. 16 and Feb 27.  Activity miles can be achieved by walking, running, biking and/or converting other physical and mental health activities.  Those who accomplish 100 miles by Feb. 28 earn the WellPower 100 badge and are automatically entered into a drawing for more than 100 top-tier prizes, including bikes, kayaks, active-apparel items and gift cards.  Prizes will also be awarded for earning 50- and 25-mile badges.

NOTE: The WellPower Challenge begins Jan. 16 but registration remains open year-round.

Check the Challenge page for additional Summer and Fall challenges later in the year.