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Get out and enjoy nature!

Do you love heading out to a park in the summer to enjoy hiking, fishing, taking the kids to a playground or playing fetch with your dog?  Just because we are headed into fall and winter doesn’t mean those activities have to stop!  Parks are open year-round and in any weather condition, the key is to have appropriate clothing.  Bundling up the whole family can seem like a big ordeal but the time you get to spend outdoors and the fresh air will make up for it!  The pandemic has been rough and we’ve seen increased levels of depression and anxiety among many Americans, especially children.  Studies have shown that being out in nature for even 30 minutes can improve these conditions in both young and old!  When was the last time that you explored a wooded hiking trail?  In Omaha, Hummel Park is one of our most gorgeous parks with lots of updated nature trails to try out on your first adventure.  Maps are available online to guide you through the park and our scenic overlooks are at their best in the winter! So head out to the fall adventure that is waiting for you!

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