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Starting on March 1st we will be launching a new wellness program. From March 1 until our big event on May 18th we will be running several events to help us all get moving that will culminate in a 5K run/walk.

For each event will give you an opportunity to get a raffle ticket for a grand prize to be pulled on May 18th at our Wellness Celebration Party. **SAVE THIS DATE**

Event #1:

Biggest Winner:

The buy-n for this event is $10 with the top male and female splitting the entry money at the end of the event. The first weigh-in is March 1st and will be every week on Tuesdays in the privacy of Dyanne’s office. Weight will be kept completely confidential and only percentage lost will be posted. Anyone who wants to participate, needs to check in with Dyanne. Each week, the top male and top female with the most percentage lost will also receive an raffle entry into the overall event.

Event #2:

Beat your Team boss! No baseball bats allowed, can you take more steps each day than your team boss? If you can outpace your team boss each week, then you get another raffle entry. If you can’t beat the team boss, then he/she gets the raffle ticket that week. See teams below.

Event #3:

Race to 50 Million steps. If the whole company does 10K steps a day we can reach 50 Million in 3 months! This is a team event. All the steps for your team will be averaged together and everyone the team with the highest average for the week get another raffle entry. Also: bragging rights!

Event #4:

Self-improvement! Can you improve your own average? Increase your steps each week by at least 10% and get another raffle entry.

Event #5:

Drink all the water! Health experts recommend 8- 8 oz glasses of water everyday for optimum health. Drink a total of 448oz of water for the week and get another raffle ticket. Your phone has an app to track this! Self-report, screen shot this to Heather every Friday for your entry.

Here are some guidelines:

Steps are self-reported. Use your smartphone, smartwatch, fitness tracker, etc. Email/screenshot your steps to Vernadette each Friday to make sure you get credit.

--Don’t put it on your dog

--Don’t put it on your drill/paint shaker/3 year old

--cheating is cheating yourself out of the whole point of the benefit

Activities :

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Geocaching
  • Hiking
  • Paddling
  • Riding
  • Rolling
  • Running
  • Skating
  • Swimming
  • Other

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