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Farwell Athletic Club

Around 100 years ago in Howard County, in a small Polish community of Poznan and later Farwell, the young men came together for athletic endeavors and created the Farwell Athletic Club.  They played mostly basketball and baseball and old photos of my grandmother Emeila even show her and friends playing basketball.  No other details remain except some pictures of my grandfather Paul with buddies playing basketball with F.A.C. on their shirts.  Who knows, it could have even stood for an AG. Club or even an Arts Club!  Over the years , without a building or facility, I re-created a 'Club" and weekend experience, where I  would display all my old Farwell photos and memorabablia  and we would also play a vintage ballgame in honor of the Sherman Howard Baseball League which had it's early beginnings in town.   Town team baseball provided a real spark to rural life and community on the field and also on Main Street.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Only the NEBRASKA150 website along with the Nebraska Sports Council, celebrating and honoring the state's 150th Birthday and it's people, their communities and history could have provided this opportunity to 'join' the Farwell Athletic Club, which has no building, but maybe someday.  It is an encouragment for everyone to become proactive in many different ways to make our state Great and Celebrate it's specialness.   You now have the opportunity to walk, run, jump, swim, cycle, pump iron or whatever you want, with fellow members across the state and even nation. 

Just hop up off the couch, grab and friend or family member and go sweat and exercise, at your favorite place and then record your 'sweat time'.  You can join the NE150 Challenge by yourself if you want or join us here as we'd love to have you as a virual member, even tho I know you are real with red blood and a pulse . 

The F.A.C. stands for Farwell Athletic Club but more importantly it is also an anacronym for what made and created communities of old...Faith, Attitude and Community. You are also encouraged to go explore your state this year and what better way to kick off the year than treating yourself to a visit to one of the most stunning and beautiful structures in the World, YOUR State Capitol.                   

Have fun now and GO EXPLORE YOUR STATE !

There's more F.A.C. info at and also at YOU TUBE @ farwell athletic club.


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